Pest Control While Hunting

Ok hunters, I hear you. What can be more frustration than hundreds of mosquitoes hovering over your head and thirsting for blood while you lie lifeless under a bush waiting for a trophy deer to pass by. While many of you may have grown to control to scratch yourself silly you still cannot avoid the health hazards that a single mosquito bite brings.

On many of my hunting trips I have worn multiple layers of mesh clothing to keep any pests from taking a bite and at times I have dabbed pest repellents all over my body. The only issue here being

  1. there are smelly
  2. very sticky
  3. likely to scare away your hunt.

Irrespective of the above precautions a little extra help always help. Use the stuff below for that extra layer of protection

Clothing: Try not to keep any body part exposed. Wear full sleeves shorts and pants if you believe that you will be hunting in a mosquito dense area. You can also try wearing multiple layer of mesh clothing and that should be a big help.

Repellents: I prefer liquid repellents as they are easy to apply and take off. There are a few which have Deet in them and have worked well on few of my hunting trips.

Local Pest Control Office: I would also suggest visiting the office of your local pest control business. The one near my house is called Pest-O-Trap and they have been instrumental in providing me with really cool advice and equipment fro a pest free hunting. They also have branch offices in at Delhi and Bangalore, in case you live in that vicinity.

The best way to avoid getting bitten is

  • Stay in windy areas this tends to keep mosquitoes away
  • Be away from thick vegetation
  • Avoid places which are frequented by herd animals
  • Keep yourself clean
  • Have a nice bath post hunt and make sure your have not carried some unwanted pest home

I hope the tips over help you have a irritation and healthy hunting season.


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The Bow Connection

bow huntingIt has always been a question as to why people like to hunt, it surely has to do with the trill and the chase – the more fast and furious the chase the more satisfying the hunt. Now when it comes to hunting there are many weapons to choose from. Your weapon of choice could be a rifle, knife and/or a recurve bow. I am more of a bow guy – I personally believe that there is a very high level of skill and stealth required to make a successful hunt using a hunting bow.

The recurve bow is a personal favorite as it the one with the least bit of tech attached to it. I believe that it is the closest you can get to experiencing how men in the wilderness hunted thousand of years back. Some of the best recurve bows are the lightest stuff that I have held in my hand and have just the correct flexibility to drive the arrow the extra mile. Unlike a rifle the bow causing minimal damage the animal carcass – and is ideal for people who are hunting trophies.

Another weapon that I like brandishing is the crosshow. The hunting bows give your hunt a medical flavor and there is no need to worry about loose aim when you are able to select and correctly use the best hunting crossbow. A few points to look at while making your crossbow purchase are – (i) should be light (ii) should be made of the correct material – to be able to withstand heavy use.

Along with the the above mentioned bows also don’t forget to do proper due diligence while selecting your hunting arrows.Using low quality arrows with high quality bows is like filling up your sports car with water – it will get you nowhere. For more insights into what to look and what to ignore while selecting your hunting gear check this website out.

Best places to go for hunting

In the modern era the hunter relies on the wealth of field luck. He can also have some fun and some luxury. The balance between the two is full in his destinations for hunting. The list of every hunter is different. There are some of the finest hunting places all over the world.

Talkeetna, Alaska

Majority of the big game is present here. There is much game for a hunt. Hunting tours can be carried out on a small place. One can hunt Alaska fish and also bear and wolf hunts. Sheep and Moose are late summer hunts in the months of August and September.

big game

Alberta, Canada

This place is best for hunting of ducks and bucks. The Canadian plans provide world renowned whitetail and mule deer. This place is full of geese and ducks and one can enjoy hunting them. Early times in September to October is the best bird season. The fowls migrate from the Arctic and they have the harvested grains. There are also ducks, pintails, Mallards that are best for hunting.

There are nominal waterfowl hunts and the hunters have tours for the game that is big. One can go further north to the Yukon. Here one can hunt seal, Arctic fox and the Beluga Whale.

Cordoba, Argentina

In case you want to shoot many birds, you can visit Argentina. You can find nice lodges and several empty shells in the southern region. There is hundred mile radius over Cordoba and it is the place for 50 million doves. The season usually operates all the year around. March, April and October provide the finest weather.

You can go to the southern point in the nation where there are chances to hunt for big game like puma and water buffalo.

Why do people enjoy hunting?

People enjoy hunting because it is a challenging hobby and needs a great deal of skill. In case you believe that hunting is just visiting the forest and kill an animal, you are not that aware of hunting.

First and foremost you require a license for hunting. There are some areas where you need a general license that any person can purchase. In order to have success in hunting you need to plan your hunt. You start by just assessing all the various maps of the region that you can get. You can find where the game is actually. Then you need to plan you accessibility. You need to find if you can get to the roads or you can do it in the weather.


Some people utilize Google Earth for this and they make it a point to mark the essential points. You have to go to inspect the area if you have never see the area before. You can do this some weeks prior to hunting. You have to see for the signs that you game has been there previously.

You can find the game there and you need to be extra careful not to move them from the hunting region. You have to find the ridges for the best hunting position. In case it is a huge animal that you are hunting you need to find where it can fall and how difficult it is to find the animal.

You have to assemble and also test your equipment. This can be your rifle or your bow. You need to be aware about the clothing that you require. When you plan nicely, you will be in the correct place. Get great hunting gear here.